From brutal dictator to a mass slaughterer:By Ismail Lugweyne

As limited information is reported about the depth of the Syrian crisis, I
wish to enlist down few factual truths about dilemma, which may not be known
to many. This report comments the sequences events occurred in the region
since the beginning of the Iranian revolution in 1979.It covers also for the
countries directly or directly involved for the Syrian crisis and also
additionally the report covers the impact for the Arab spring in the region
and throughout the world. Furthermore, it explains the role taken by each
country and the inter-link between concerned countries with the regards the
Arab spring.

To begin with, a little while after the fall of Shah and the success of
Islamic revolutionary of Iran in 1979 under the Ayatollah Khomeini (founders
of the Islamic Republican of Iran), millions of Muslims around the world had
cheered for the revolution, as a result of the removal of the oppressive
regime of Mohammad Reza Shah of Iran in view of his close ties with Israel
and secondly and secondly his brutal techniques in which, he used to suppress
the people with his secret police Savak to have power over the country
indefinably. One of the by-products yet to remember at the beginning of the
revolution is the switching of the Israeli Embassy into a Palestinian
Embassy, which is cheered by Islamic world.

However, following the instigation of the revolution, Saddam Hussein invaded
Iran in response to Iranian provocations and secondly he was not in high
spirits with the agreement made with Iran in March 1975, whereby Iran and
Iraq have agreed to meet and negotiate their dispute over borders and water
and navigation rights. The main points of the dispute concerned the Shatt El
Arab a waterway which was the only outlet for Iraq to the sea, as well as
disputed islands and territories.

As the treaty was not honored by both sides, due to the tense situation, war
had erupted between the countries in full scale for almost eight years.
Following hang around, at long last come to an end, when Iran had accepted,
Security Council Resolution 598 on August 20, 1988 leading to a cease-fire.
Casualty figures were estimated nearly half million and equal number or more
were made refugees.

Prior to the ceasefire, despite of various resolutions of ceasefire from the
Security Council, Iran was rejecting all these resolutions and the war was in
full swing for eight years. The war damage was estimated more than 400
billion. Taken above into measurement, perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives
and war costs estimated hundreds of billions of Dollars could have been
saved, had Iran accepted the ceasefire earlier.
Approximately two years ago, an Arab uprising had erupted on in the Middle
East and North Africa, which took away the Arab dictators, who were occupying
power over decades and Iran has blessed the removal of these dictators except
the Syrian dictatorship, the reason being, Iran sharing a similar religious
sect (shia) with Basher Al-Assad and secondly perhaps, the fear that any
shift of power from current Syria regime, may have a negative impact with
Hezbollah, as the later has sided with the Syrian regime. The Iranian leaders
have reacted very positively the changes for the countries affected by the
Arab spring with the exception of the mass murderer, Bashar Al Assad, purely
the reason is that Syria is under a shite leadership.

Bashar Al Assad was 36 years old at the time his father Hafez Assad died in
the 2000 and as the constitution of the country articulate that, the age of
the president must less than 40 years at the time of the nomination, however,
the constitution of the country was changed to suit the age of the Bashir
Al-Asad, which was 36. The Iranian leaders praised the Egyptian people
efforts to get rid of Mubarak, but he never wished the same for the people of
Syria in view of his connection with the regime, even though Bashar Al Assad
is merciless than Husseni Mubarak.

At the time of American invasion in Iraq, Iran has pleased with that
invasion, as they were accusing Saddam Hussein these days being, a Baath
party based on secular ideology and regardless of that reality, Iran supports
at present a similar dictator of identical ideology. The only dissimilarity
is that Saddam Hussein was a Sunni dictator, whereas Basher Al-Assad is
Shiite dictator, who shares same religious sect with Iran. This is an
indication that, Iran practices in reality a policy that is contrary than the
one, they preach through the media.

With regards to Bahrain, Iran promotes the uprising in Bahrain at the same
time; they deny the rights of 85 % of Syrian people. They support small
marginal percentage of the Syrian people, who are holding both military and
economy power of the country. This is another factor, which confirms that
Iran treated as an ally for any dictator; so long the same is from same
religious sect.

The Arab up-raising movement has affected five countries in the Middle East
in North Africa, which its consequence has made the removal of four dictators
and the last one Basher Al-Assad still struggling to survive. Iran has
delighted the disappearance of four dictators. Despite of this fact, yet Iran
stingily supports the most merciless dictator in the Middle East. Iran’s
political system based on Islamic principles composing of supreme leader,
assembly of experts, the guardian council, the (majlis), however, Basher
Assad recent interview with A Russian English said that Syria is the only
secular country in the region. That means Iran is friendly with a secular
regime even though they preaches Islamic principles.

During the nonaligned summit in Tehran one year ago, The Ex Egyptian
president has criticized the Syrian regime, but the Iranian viewers have
heard the word Syria as Bahrain. Iranian state television Farsi translator
has changed the word Syria to Bahrain. After a protest is made regarding the
issue, Iranian media have reported officials saying the switch was a simple
error in translation: The head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
called it a slip of tongue error. This is a confirmation of Iranian
falsification. This channel is exactly similar to the ex dictatorial
communists official Soviet news agency - "Tass".

One year ago a semi-official Fars news, Press TV said, the emir of Qatar
"distributed a number of watches and ballpoint pens among Hamas leaders
during his historic visit. This is an evidence that Iranian media is
prejudice and totally far distant from any truth. Iran has translated the US
$ 400 million aid contributed by Qatar as watches and pens. This was in
actual fact taken as comedy by the international community. In their media,
Iran is promotes assisting for the Palestinian people, while they are against
any help from any party, which they consider as their political rival. The
truth, this channel is only mouthpiece for the Iranian leadership.

With regard to Arabian Peninsula, the people of Yemen have liberated
themselves from a dictator, who was in power over decades, yet Iran supports
a marginal probation of the Yemeni people (the Zaidi), which they share with
religious sectism.Although, we observe that some Arab countries are under
intensive pressure to close trade link with Iran, yet, such trade are still
in continuity. Had the countries like GCC imposes the trade transaction,
certainly the livelihood and the life line of the Iranian people would have
been much worse than the present situation, which is already in deteriorating
situation. The Iran Riyal against the dollar was 984 in 1984, whereas today 1
US $ equal to 36,500.00. You can imagine the inflation from the above
exchange rate. This is because the short-sighted policy tailored by the
Iranian leadership, which you have influenced damage to the living conditions
of the Iranian people.

During Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, millions of Muslims around the
world felt delighted for the resistance demonstrated by Hezbollah against the
invaders. Today the situation is diverse, as a result of Hezbollah siding and
their militia is fighting for the mass murder of Syria Bashar Al Assad. With
regards to China policy towards Syria, until recently, China policy in the
region was won respect, but unfortunately, their direct support with the
brutal regime, has completely altered their earlier image, as a result of
protecting for a brutal dictator.

On the subject of the Russian policy towards Syria, at the time of cold war,
the living standards of the Soviet people was exceptionally low in comparison
with the present standard. Today, Russia is member of eight of the world's
largest economies. That was not likely to happen unless driven out the old
communist ideologists’ dictators. Thanks to the Ex-Russian president Boris
Yelsin, who stand firm against communist ideologists red army generals, who
were resisting against the transformation to a new democratic system?

Despite for the above reality, the international community is wondering why
the Russian government is protecting a dictator who shares a similar ideology
to those communist ideologist generals. Taken above deliberation, it is
understandable that Russia supports for any dictator, so long the dictator
advocates anti western slogans to win their blessings.

Presently, Russia propose that, the western countries should obtain UN
approval prior any military attach to Syria despite the fact In April 27,
1978 invaded Afghanistan with 40,000 Red Army troops, overthrew and executed
the President Mohammed Daoud Khan. Soviet Union did not obtained UN prior
invaded Afghanistan and there was no crisis in Afghanistan at the time of
invasion. Therefore, the Russia should look turn round their past olden

The Russians are misleading the world family, a light evidence of such
deceive practice is that, the Russian president, Putin on press release
alleged that Syria did not use any chemical weapons attach prior the UN
observers released their laboratory findings collective from the site in
Syria and the people affected by the chemical attach.

Taken into account their policy, the International community believes that,
China and Russia are co-sponsors for crimes in Syria in view of their
constant opposition for the Security Council resolution, which is supposed of
taking a decisive steps in favor of the unprotected people from Syria, which
is core fundamental of human rights acts. Commenting about the Syrian
Catastrophe, the humanitarian crisis escalated and until now over million
refugees has fled the country as a direct result of suffering from brutal
regime and almost 4 million were become internal refuges from their own

The responsibility of these continuous death and destruction falls under
liability of the Russians, Chinese and the Iranians, as they co-sponsors for
the bloodshed in Syria. Presently one million children are living as refugees
after fleeing from the violent war in Syria, in which the vast majority of
these children are under the age of 11 according to NICEF.

It has been authenticated that hundreds of thousands civilian victims were
killed by artillery or mortar fire, others have been summarily executed.
President Basher AL-Assad forces fired heavy tank and rocket barrages at the
cities and towns. Millions are refuges at their homes, as the possibility of
escaping looks to be involves risks. We observe daily complete neighborhoods
are shelved under the rubble.

Human rights activists have condemned widespread violations by Syrian
government forces. Soldiers acting under the highest level of authority have
shot unarmed women and children, tortured wounded protesters in hospital beds
and attacked civilian neighborhoods without according source. There is and
consistent evidence of identifying high and mid-ranking members of the armed
forces who ordered their subordinates to shoot at unarmed protesters killed
soldiers, who refused to obey such orders, arrest persons without cause,
mistreat detained persons and attack civilian neighborhoods with
indiscriminate tanks and machine-gun fire. We account daily bombardment in
heavily densely populated areas carried out by the regime war planes, which
is believably expected to defend the country from external aggression.

There are reports, which indicate North Korean pilot were hired by the regime
to carry out the air raids possibly due to the fear that Syrian pilots may
defect with their planes, as happened many times earlier. The numbers of
world massacres on records are almost 250 cases which had occurred for the
entire five continents of the world. What witness daily through the
television channels reminds us of the Srebrenica massacre known as the
Srebrenica genocide whereby more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims, mainly men and
boys, in the town of Serbrenica killed by units of the Serbian army under the
command of general Ratko Mladic, who at present is waiting for trial under
International criminal court in Hague. Thanks to ex-president bill Clinton,
who influenced Nato to put into conclusion the sufferings in Bosnia and

It also reminds Sabra and Shatila massacre of 3,500 Palestinian and Lebanese
civilians by a Lebanese Christian phalangist militia in Sabra and Shatila
Palestinian refugees’ camps in September 1982. Sharon was accused for that
massacre by Israel Supreme Court. The countries that present shelter for the
Syrian refuges in particular Turkey and Jordan have gained an admiration from
the international community in view of their brotherly and also considering
their hospitalizes towards the Syrian refuges.

Is there a hereditary Republic in the world? Is there Democratic system that
permits the existence of one party only forever? Is there a country whereby
religious sectism is the only factor to determine the country rulers? Is
there a democracy system, whereby the constitution is amended to suit the
next president? Is there a country whereby the whole nation is hostage for
one dictator? To respond for all these entire queries, it is Syria. Our
current civilization has developed from various lengthy of stages beginning
at the time of strong man, whereby the muscle was the only factor to be a

However, In case of Syria, it appears that history has reversed and the clock
is clicking into anti-clock direction. What we are experiencing in Syria
today is reminding us the days of the strong man whereby the rule of law and
human being value was absent.

The Syrian regime being, unsuccessful to crush down the uprising, they have
made other strategies, which are to export their internal crisis in order to
destabilizing Lebanon, so that, the spotlight be switched from them. His
father has killed over 10,000 civilians in the city of Hama in 1982. The
regime may not aware that, the days whereby dictators can put out of sight
the massacres committed by his regime are over due to the availability of
modern technology in everywhere. The horrifying situation in Syria have
complied many prominent military, security and diplomats defecting with the
opposition resistance. Among of those personalities, the Syrian Prime
minister, ambassadors from Iraq, UAE, Cyprus, senior military officers
including Generals, mid ranking officers and thousands of combat soldiers.

Under the supervision of the defected high ranking military officers, a free
Syrian army to liberate the country from the oppressive regime has been
informed. The Situation at home has also made thousands of Syrian civilian to
join the liberation army and since the formation of the free Syrian army; the
liberating army has gained a significant achievement by liberating various in
Syria. Basher Assad is ignoring the fact that, the days of playing the card
of western imperialism propaganda is totally out of reason, as new policy
protecting the human value principles has the uppermost concern in

Recently, he has given interview with Russian English TV and he indicated his
resistance of quitting power and he quote the following: “I will remain in
Syria, die in his country, he is not a puppet and west cannot force him out.
He said I am the only secular regime in the Middle East. Previously, we have
noticed identical slogans from earlier dictators, who were driven out power,
as a result of Arab spring. It appears that Basher Al-Assad does not know the
days, whereby people were hostage of false misinformation has over.

Last week the regime had used chemical weapon that caused indiscriminate
slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent
bystanders is a moral obscenity. The MSF representatives have confirmed the
use of chemical weapons by the regime serine, which is believed, killed
hundreds of innocent Syrian citizens in outpost in Damascus. Approximately
all members of al-Assad's inner circle are Alawites, a minority Muslim. A
group of inner family like mafia style ruling the country and among them
Maher Al-Assad – Al-Assad's youngest brother and rumoured to be Syria's
second-most powerful man. He is head of the elite, rabidly loyal Republican
Guard and the 4th Armoured Division.

Namir Al-Assad – The president's cousin who is one of the top leaders of
the shabiha, the mercenary force used to suppress the opposition. Rami
Makhlouf – The money behind the regime, al-Assad's first cousin is believed
to be the richest person in Syria. He allegedly funds the regime's violent
battle against protesters and rebels who are seeking to oust the president.
Ali Mamlouk – As the head of national security, Mamlouk had U.S. sanctions
levelled against him for human rights abuses and violence against civilians.
Alawites make up less than 15% of the population. Three-quarters of Syrians
are Sunni Muslims.The regime operates like an organized crime syndicate.

In conclusion, considering the daily catastrophe, which we witness and
televised through the international television channels, time is seasoned
lending hand to the agony people of Syrian to save them from the mass murders
under the leadership of Bashir Al-Asad. It is a moral duty now by the
international community saving the Syrian from the mass murder, as laid down
by the United Nations human rights act. The human coffins caused by the
chemical weapon use, which is televised throughout the world has effected to
every caring and loving human being, and that left bad memories, which will
remain in our recollection without end. The use of chemical weapons is war
crime against human race.

The dream of Martin Luther King- junior on fifty years in the past has become
true, when the first black American president (Barack Obama) was elected in
2008. Likewise, the Syrian people dreaming to an identical dream to of Martin
Luther King, which is that, the Syrian Sunnis and shia have an equal
opportunity with regard to political authority of the country.
Ismail Lugweyne. (