President Sharif flew back to Mogadishu

President Sharif arrives at Adan Ade Airport
Somalia’s TFG president, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and other dignitaries from Somalia who were on official visit to IGAD member states of Djibouti, Ethiopia and Sudan have returned to Mogadishu on Tuesday.
Somali cabinet ministers and a section of Somali legislators received the president and his top government officials at Adan Ade international airport in Mogadishu.
Foreign Affairs Minister who is also Somalia’s deputy Prime Minister, Women and Family Affairs Minister and other government top officials were among the other dignitaries accompanying the president.
During his visit, the President met his counterparts in Djibouti, Sudan and Ethiopian government officials and discussed with them several important issues including the current drought situation in the country, reconciliation process and the tangible economic developments achieved by the Somali government.
The president has also appealed to the international community to swiftly aid drought and famine displaced Somali people in the country.
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